"Palalada" is a high- quality Indonesian restaurant offering a rare dining experience. It has a tantalising array of cuisine from all over Indonesia, fused with a touch of contemporary style, to pamper your taste buds.

"This restaurant's forte is more than just artistic food presentation. It strives to maintain quality of ingredients, shunning the use of artificial flavor enhancer and choosing whenever possible to cook only with organically -grown vegetables."-Gourmet Jakarta, 2012-

+62 21 235 808 70

Opening Hours:
10:00 - 22:00

Additional Amenities:
3 Private Room

Smoking Section:

Palalada restaurant can be functioned as a place to held a special event as well, for instance book launching, talk show, special meetings(in private room) and many more. Within the event, Palalada restaurant will be set to fulfill the customers need in their event.

Food & Beverage