AlunAlun Indonesia is a one-stop shopping experience which is created as a Window to Indonesia as an Indonesian Stage to display world-class cultural and contemporary products which are inspired by the richness of Indonesias culture and heritage.

Local Value & Contemporary Spirit

This is the principle behind the overall concept of AlunAlun Indonesia. AlunAlun Indonesia provides a cross-generation centre for shopping, recreation, learning and nostalgia. AlunAlun Indonesia is an innovative speciality store offering high quality Indonesian products, which are based on culture and heritage, with the tagline Inspiring Innovations.

"A Story Behind Each Product"

The flow and atmosphere in AlunAlun Indonesia is created with a touch of Indonesian culture to provide an inspiring experience for the visitor and allow shopping in comfort . AlunAlun Indonesia is also expected to further encourage the appreciation, love and pride for local products.

AlunAlun Indonesia is located in Grand Indonesia, Shopping Town, West Mall
Level 3 , Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta 10310.

About us